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For the care and well-being of the person, The Calidum SPA Centre in La Spezia offers several body treatments, such as Turkish bath, Jacuzzi and the Himalayan Pink Salt bed.

Each of these is suitable for clients of all ages who want to improve their body enjoying, at the same time, an atmosphere of deep synergistic sensory relaxation.


for two people

Jacuzziin a water tank for improved bloodand lymphatic circulation.On request our Jacuzzi can be additioned with Iodobromide salts from Ischia Spawith draining propertiesand anti-cellulite essential oils. Guests are always provided a welcome kit (towel, bathrobe, slippers, disposable briefs).

If you wish, you may enhance the treatment with the chromotherapy.

For visual pleasure, it is based on the use of colours to help body and mind achieve a good balance, naturally.

Jacuzzi Calidum La Spezia
Jacuzzii with chromotherapy La Spezia

Turkish bath


Turkish bath

Our Turkish bathbrings several benefits to your body. It promotes circulation with the heat causing the blood vessels to dilate, also leading to the pores dilating and letting out any toxins that contribute to premature ageing of your skin and encouraging cell renewal.

It has a relaxing effect and reduces tension and stress. It contributes to eliminate fluid that accumulates in the skin tissues therefore counteracting cellulite. After a Turkish bath, we always recommend to have a cold shower for vasoconstricting action and heart rebalancing.

Guests are always provided a welcome kit (towel, bathrobe, slippers, disposable briefs).

Pink Himalayan Salt Bed

for the well-being of your body

lettino di sale rosa dell'himalaya

The heat of the salt is dry heat, going deep into the tissues of the body, with great muscle relaxing properties, and is ideal for deep relaxation.

Black soap

Black soap is used in Moroccan Hammams and is a powerful exfoliating product. It works deeper than a scrub removing the top layer of dead skin cells. Without attacking it, it nourishes and hydrates making it radiant and promoting cell regeneration.

Shea Butter

Shea Butter is obtained from the seeds of the Vitellaria Paradoxa plant which is commonly found in Africa. Shea Butter has a repairing, nourishing, protective, soothing and renewing properties for the skin. It gives softness to dry and cracked skin. It prevents stretch marks and redness. and is particularly suited for anyone who has his/her hands in prolonged contact with water, detergents and dust.

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