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Smoon Phai Massage

Smoon Phai are bundles of linen containing Thai medicinal herbs that once heated yield relaxing and cleansing properties
. They are prepared by hand according toThai tradition. This massage is performed on the bed of
Himalayan salt and is used to relieve muscle, rheumatic, arthritic pain and is indicated for inflammations and contractions.

foot reflexology

reflexology Calidum La Spezia

Reflexology is a massage technique applied mainly on the feet and possibly on the hands, and is based on the principle that all the organs, glands and body parts lead to a reflex on the feet and hands, applying reflexology massage can then have an effect or influence on the organ corresponding to the reflection stimulated. The stimulation is carried out on very precise points, so that the brain can decrypt the message and send it to the affected organ. The organs that are reflected best are those that present greater innervation, such as the digestive, urinary and genital organs, and those which, if ignited, cause acute pain, such as ears and teeth. The zonal massage stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation, helping to eliminate toxins, reducing tension and excellent results in cases of joint pain, back pain, cervical arthritis, low back pain and sciatica, headaches, menstrual problems and digestive problems, allergies and hormonal dysfunctions.

After a session of reflexology you can sense a general feeling of relaxation and well-being.

Ear reflexology

psychophysical balance

Ear reflexology

The ear contains information from the entire body, and it can be considered a small brain. The ear surface indicates, therefore, with its painful points to the pressure, defects of information and consequent states of imbalance effects that may lead to pathological changes. The points become painful only when there is an imbalance in load or organ innervation represented there.
The auricular massage is effective in case of rheumatic pain, acute pain in diseases such as tearing and muscle contractures (low back pain, stiff neck), sciatica, liver and renal colic, headache, neuralgia, menstrual, traumatic or degenerative pain. It may be useful also in the treatment of cervical osteoarthritis, lower back, hip, knee and wrist, tendonitis, ligament pain, herpes zoster and in all disorders related to stress, such as anxiety, gastroduodenitis, hypertension, tobacco intoxication, sleep disorders, psychosomatic disorders, and mild depression.

Decontracting massage

to fight stress

Relaxing massage, lymphatic drainage massage calidum

It is a massage that releases tension and contractures. It is very helpful for patients with muscle pain localised in specific districts as a result of poor posture,inadequate physical effort , car accidents or at work, organic causes, emotional eating disorder or from fatigue.
A muscle that contracts, it shortens and, consequently, limits the amplitude of the extension of our movements. This gives the feeling of being bound and stiffened. Sometimes this causes pain and can block movements. Depending on the problem, the tissue, the location and the stage of the person, you can use different approaches and techniques for each patient. However you must always take care of the whole body not just the part affected from contraction, since all areas are connected to each other.

Ayurvedic Massage

longevity and mental clarity

bed of pink Himalayan salt

Ayurveda is the science of the individual. You are unique, this is the basic principle governing the Ayurvedic massage, which comes from a deep interaction between who does the massage and who receives it.
An Ayurvedic massage helps to rebalance and purify, and depending on the type of treatment we receive, but also how we are then and weather we can gain different benefits. Ayurveda massage slows the aging process, increases longevity, relaxes muscles, and carefully balances the nervous system, improves vision, nourishes the body.
Ayurveda comes to the rescue in case of digestive problems, emotional stress or anxiety, because it gives a feeling of mental clarity and calm. It helps the function of sleep, and to overcome fatigue and stress. It also improves the functioning of the respiratory system.

Californian massage

balance and wellness


The Californian massagewas conceived in the late sixties by a group of holistic practitioners at "Big Sur" in California. It is also defined as "Sensitive" massage: the technique consists in enveloping the body in its entirety, alternating a series of rhythmic, fluid and light movements.
It is a massage that gives an extraordinary feeling of calm and well-being, and aims, through total relaxation, at recreating that energetic balance disturbed by traumas or stress.

holistic massage


holistic massage callidum

Holistic massage is a manual technique aimed at maintaining the psycho-physical balanace.

It is a massage technique particularly customisable that stems from the integration of various treatments, mainly Californian massage and craniosacral balancing, based on the needs of people treated.

You can therefore take action on various issues both physical (muscle tension, headaches, etc.) And aesthetic (fluid retention, cellulite) both emotional and energy (stress and anxiety).
Thanks to the techniques used holistic massage induces deep relaxation and turns out to be a very pleasant experience.

Craniosacral Balancing

wellness for the body

Craniosacral balancing is a manual holistic treatment that is extremely gentle and non-invasive, suitable for people of all ages. It may be able to re-balance the posture, the muscles, the gastrointestinal system and improve breathing.

It proved to be suitable in many cases in the treatment of sciatica, back pain, birth trauma, whiplash, migraines, headaches, scoliosis, dizziness and mandibular joint problems, because it allows people treated to regain their energy balance drawing on innate abilities and physical recovery inherent in the human body.


General wellbeing

Reiki consists of a treatment of energy balancing.
Reiki treatments are conducted using hands because these are the main points of energy transmission. So that the vibration reaches the desired point you do not need physical contact, the hands can also be held to five centimeters from the area to be treated. Reiki allows you to draw constantly from the universal energy, inexhaustible source, in order to clear blockages of the person treated. Reiki has many applications and can give a beneficial effect overall. Reiki does not cure the disease, but it can bring out the problems that caused it.
It is good to know that reiki is not in any way replacing the traditional medical and psychological approach.

lymphatic drainage


Anti-Cellulite  Lymphatic drainage massage

Lymph is a body fluid that circulates within the lymphatic vessels and that brings with it various substances, including water, fat, protein, electrolytes and lymphocytes, for a daily volume ranging from 2 to 4 liters. After passing through the lymphatic trunks, the sap flows into the venous system. Oedema, or swelling, are due to an abnormal accumulation of interstitial fluid. The lymphatic drainage massage can be of help, both in the reduction of oedema, and for the resolution of the consequences that can cause oedema. Therefore, this technique is not only useful for aesthetic purposes, but is a natural therapy, an alternative to the solution of certain diseases: it improves microcirculation, activates the blood capillaries, acts on the nervous system with pain relief, has a positive effect on skeletal muscles and the vessel walls.

slimming massage

rebalancing of circulation

Slimming massage

Slimming massageis ideal to stimulate deep into the bloodstream, first winning move in the fight against cellulite and love handles.
The objective of the masseur is the rebalancing of the circulation in the fat tissue.
Thanks to the combined action of oils targeted by means of lymphatic drainage is facilitated by the removal of excess fluid leading to the rebalancing of the connective and epithelial tissue.
Massage, producing a very deep action, is very useful in the presence of cellulite, postpartum stretch marks or post-low-calorie diets.
In addition, by stimulating certain targeted tissues, it speeds up metabolism.

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