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For about 50 years Thalgo has travelled and explored the oceans to reveal its wealth of unparalleled sublime virtues.

Thalgois a company that:

  • chooses raw materials frin marine and vegetable origins
  • Protects resources and ecosystems
  • Limits and monitors its waste

Its products include:

  • Without Parabens
  • Without mineral oils
  • Without glycols and propylene
  • GMO-free
  • No animal ingredients except beeswax

Thalgo restored the principles of youth in cells ensuring outstanding anti-age results.

Thalgo Face cream La Spezia
Serums and lotions



Ischia Thermae products

Ischia Thermaemanufactures its products with unique raw materials, originating on the island of Ischia.

Its thermal water rich with mineral saltsand essential trace elementsduring cell renewal, are the base for creams and products that regenerate tissuesand systems for a new youth.

The Natural mudby Thermae of Ischia has been known for centuries for its healing properties. It is still used today for therapeutic purposes, Particularly effective for its eudermicproperties that are especially suited for skin treatments.

There are different types of Thermal Mud: Natural, exfoliaingand cellulite treatment.


sale products Keenwell Calidum SPA

Since 1974 Keenwellmakes professional high-quality cosmetics.
Innovation and scientific research are the basis for success in the world of cosmetics Keenwell highest level.

The use of effective and prestigious active ingredients of the most advanced
bio-tech cosmeticsprovides maximum efficiency with outstanding results for women who want to dominate the passing of time.


Professional product range, 100% natural, made with a corporate philosophy based on using natural raw materials, the quality of the finished product, and the simplicity of the production process.

The processing is done by hand,making the most of the beneficial and health properties of each plant.

Genuine skin restructuring products formulated with premium ingredients like beeswax and essential oils.

organic cosmetics herbs of Sardinia
Organic essential oils herbs of Sardinia
Organic ointment herbs of Sardinia


The ISCHIA THERMAE Sun preparation treatment
Makes your tan more uniform and long-lasting.
Has a smoothing and moisturising effect.
Number of sessions: 2 per week
Price per session: € 85.00
Free gift: Super Tanning Gel

Nourishing Oil and Purifying Oil for nails

Nourishing Oil and Purifying Oil for nails

Nourishing Oil and Purifying Oil for nails based on Sweet Almonds, enriched with a high percentage of essential oils.

The first is a valuable aid for weak, fragile and thin nails.
The second helps fight the problems related to the purification of fingernails and feet.

Price: € 10.00.


Thalgo cream roll-on mask Promotion

Your look is the signature of your youth!
Our Soins Expert youth products are available in the Beauty Institutes, and Spa Thalgo &Thalasso centres

Silicium Regard Creme, lifting effect: € 47.00
Regard Hyaluronique Masque-patch, Anti-fatigue: € 40.00
Regard Roll-on Collagen, Anti-bags and Anti-dark circles: € 36.00

Thalgo Vial

Thalgo Concentrè Réculateur Intense vial

Pureté Marine
Concentrè Réculateur Intense

Price: € 38.00

CollagÈne 5000

Thalgo collagene 5000

Innovazione nutri cosmetica Thalgo'.
Collage 5000 è la soluzione di correzione anti-rughe che contiene le ultime scoperte scientifiche anti età' che hanno messo in evidenza nuovi processi ossidativi responsabili dell' invecchiamento cellulare.

La sua efficacia sulle rughe è stata clinicamente testata. 5000 mg di collagene marino idrolizzato altamente assimilabile + il complesso Age Protect con vitamina C e selenio proteggono le cellule dallo stress ossidativo.

Durata della cura un mese.
Costo della confezione: 62,00 Euro (10 monodosi).

Coach Slimming Supplement

Anti-cellulite treatment calidum La Spezia

Coach Slimming Supplement.
A response to the 'orange peel' problem: corrects all the issues related to the appearance of cellulite.
1 single dose per day to consume as-is, or diluted in a glass of water.

Cost for 10 individual doses: € 49.00

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